Roundtable: Teaching Boethius

Sponsored by the International Boethius Society

The growing body of literature on Boethius's life and work shows his importance not only for the Middle Ages, but for literature, philosophy, and theology in general. As scholars, it is our responsibility not only to generate insight into figures such as Boethius in our research, but also to incorporate the valuable discoveries the field has made into the classroom. This call for papers, therefore, seeks contributions to a roundtable on the teaching of Boethius's work in any relevant discipline.

We are especially interested in participants who have used Boethius in the medieval classroom, whether general medieval literature, Old and Middle English literature, or Chaucer and the Chaucerians. How can Boethius be used to teach medieval allegory, romance, or devotional literature? How can Boethius be used, for example, to help students approach problems in interpreting Chaucer's Canterbury Tales or to consider how Christianity relates to the often secular yet spiritual matter of Arthurian romance?

Abstracts for this session should be 250-300 words in length, proposing brief contributions of 8 to 10 minutes, drawing upon experience with teaching Boethius in specific contexts and general pedagogical reflection on his place in the classroom.

Please direct all proposals and inquiries to Anthony G. Cirilla at by 20 December 2017.