Frequently Asked Questions


What sources of funding are there to attend the SMRS?
The SMRS does not currently offer funding to attendees or participants. However, a reduced registration fee is available to students.

How can I receive an invitation letter/certificate confirming my participation in the Symposium?
If you need a letter confirming participation at the Symposium, please email us. In your email, provide information on the purpose of the letter (e.g., for your University, in support of a visa application, etc.), and we will be happy to mail or fax it to you.

How do I receive a hard copy of the program from a previous year's SMRS?
In an effort to be environmentally friendly, each year we print only a few  more programs than the number of expected attendees. However, we do keep an archive of past programs in .PDF format here.

Do you publish proceedings/need my paper for the proceedings?
Select papers are published annually in the journal, Allegorica. A call for submissions is sent to all registered participants early each fall.

Who is eligible to present a paper at the SMRS?
Anyone is welcome to propose a session or paper.

How do I propose a paper?
All paper proposals should be made through our web portal. Individual papers are expected to be 20 minutes in length. You should submit a title and abstract of no more than 250 words. The SMRS Advisory Board reviews all abstracts and places approved proposals into sessions of three papers on a common theme. The deadline for proposals is always the end of December.  Session proposals have much more latitude regarding paper times and structure (see below).

How long should my paper be?
Papers given at the Symposium are usually allocated 20 minutes in a standard three-paper session to allow time for questions. In four-paper sessions this is reduced to 15 minutes per paper. Papers which overrun are unfair to other speakers in the session, who will have less time to speak.

May I participate in more than one session?
Participants may only present one paper each year at the SMRS, but they may be involved in other ways (such as: session organizer, session chair, respondent, or round table participant) in multiple sessions.

What do session sponsors do?
Sponsoring a session is an opportunity for institutions and publishers to promote themselves, new publications, or recent research projects. Sponsorship does not involve making a direct financial contribution; just the time to organize the session.

What is involved in organizing a session?
Every session is 90 minutes long and you are welcome to utilize this time in any way you think would be most effective. Typically, sessions are comprised of three presenters presenting 20-minute papers on related topics, plus a chair who will introduce the speakers and preside over the discussion. You will need to ensure that the speakers invited have not already submitted a paper as an individual or as part of another session, and that all session participants are informed that they are required to pay the appropriate Registration Fee to attend.

Organizers of sessions are welcome to submit multiple session proposals. The organizer should complete the online form. The proposal must include the name, institution, and email address of each speaker, a title and abstract of no more than 250 words for each paper, a title and abstract of no more than 250 words for the session as a whole, and the name, institution and email address of the session chair. 

A session organizer is responsible for organizing and ensuring participation in his/her session(s). They will be the primary contact for the SMRS should there be any queries regarding the session(s).

How do I propose a round table/academic workshop?
The organizer should complete the online form here. The proposal must include the name, institution, and email address of each panelist, a title and abstract of no more than 250 words for the session as a whole, and provide the name, institution and email address of the session chair.

When will I know if my session/paper/workshop/round table proposal has been accepted?
Acceptance emails are sent out at the beginning of February.

How do I chair a session?
We recommend that chairs contact all speakers in their session beforehand to familiarize themselves with the content of each paper and with the research background of each speaker before the session takes place.
The main duties of a session chair are:

  • To introduce each speaker.
  • To ensure each speaker finishes his or her paper on time.
  • To ensure the session starts and finishes on time so that SMRS staff are able to prepare the room for the next session.
  • To initiate discussion after presentation of the papers.
  • To moderate the discussion.

I am unable to attend the Symposium to speak/moderate/participate how do I withdraw?
The SMRS administration requires written confirmation by email ( stating that you will no longer be attending the Symposium. Please inform us as soon as you know you are unable to attend. Your withdrawal from the program will be confirmed by the SMRS by email. If you have already registered, refer to our cancellation policy below.

Can a colleague read my paper if I am unable to attend? Can I present my paper via internet video chat?
No, papers may only be presented by the original authors and in person.

I have told my session organizer/the SMRS that I have withdrawn. Why I am still listed in the online program or have received a reminder email?
Check that you received an email from the SMRS confirming your withdrawal. If you have not, it is possible that your original message has not been received or that your session organizer has not yet informed the SMRS of your withdrawal.


How do I register for the SMRS?
Full details on how to register will be available from the website in January for the next Symposium. Registration must be completed online here.

Can I register for just one day of the SMRS?
No. There are no day-passes available.

Can I cancel my registration?
You can cancel your registration at any time before the Symposium by email. Refunds will be made in full, less a small transaction processing fee.

If I cancel, will I get a refund?
Should you have to cancel, you will receive a full refund less a small transaction processing fee.

Must I register for the SMRS if I am giving a paper?
All participants in the SMRS, including speakers, chairs, respondents, attending organizers, and non-active participants, will be required to pay the appropriate Registration Fee. Non-participating friends and family members are welcome to attend a session in which their friend/family member is speaking without registering.

Must my accompanying family member/friend register for the SMRS?
Non-participating friends or family members are welcome to attend a session in which their friend/family member is speaking without registering. To attend other sessions, exhibits, or receptions registration is necessary.

What accommodation is available?
Accommodation can be booked as part of your registration, which will be available from January-June. More information on accommodation options can be found here. Current prices are listed on the Registration Form. If you require more information on prices for funding applications in advance of registration opening, contact us for estimated prices.

Is there a student discount?
The SMRS offers a discounted Registration Fee for students. For current prices please see the Registration Form.

What proof of status do you need for the Student/Retired/Unwaged Registration Fee?
We trust you.

Does the SMRS provide travel bursaries?
No travel grants are currently available through the SMRS.

Will I get a receipt for my registration?
Online registrations are immediate and the confirmation of your booking will be sent to you as soon as you have completed your registration. An additional receipt can be sent on request. If you require a particular type of receipt please contact us as soon as possible after registering.


I want to give a PowerPoint presentation. What equipment do I need to order?
Every room is equipped with a PC and a video projector. You need only bring a PowerPoint file (compatible with PowerPoint 2007 or newer) on a CD-ROM or USB flash drive/memory stick/USB key. We recommend bringing a copy on both media formats to ensure compatibility. We cannot guarantee that every room will have functional VGA input ports available for laptops. We are unable to provide cables to connect personal laptops to our projectors.

When do I set up my paper presentation?
Equipment in the session room is available for use 20 minutes prior to the session.

How should I bring my work to the Symposium?
We recommend that you bring your work on a USB flash drive/memory stick as well as having a copy available through a cloud storage service, in case the USB is rejected by the computer. Note that if you are borrowing a laptop from the SMRS for your paper, only Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 software will be automatically provided. If you need other software and cannot bring your own laptop, please contact us as soon as possible.

Receptions and Exhibitions

How do I or my organization host a reception?
Please see for further information. The deadline for inclusion in the program is 28 February.

How do I book exhibit space at the SMRS?
Please see for further information and a booking form.

How do I advertise at the SMRS?
Please see for further information and a booking form.

I am an exhibitor - do I need to register?
Exhibitors are required to register, but will be provided with a special link with which to do so. Please indicate that you are an exhibitor on the form and your registration will be at no cost. This is to ensure you will be provided with all the relevant registration information and a name badge on arrival.


Is there internet access at the SMRS?
The entire campus is supplied with free WiFi throughout. Simply join the "SLUguest" network. Additionally, computer clusters are freely available to use in the Pius XII Memorial Library and the Busch Student Center.

Events and Excursions

How do I propose an event/excursion/activity for the SMRS?
If you have suggestions for potential excursions or events, we would like to hear from you. Please send your ideas or event proposal to us by email to Events and Excursions are finalized in December for the following year. Please bear this in mind when proposing your activity.

What events and excursions can I attend this year?
Full details of Events and Excursions at this year's SMRS are available in the program and online from March-June. For more information, contact us directly.

Do I need to register for the Symposium to attend SMRS events and/or excursions?
Symposium events and excursions are open to the public, so you do not need to register to attend these. However, priority booking will be given to Symposium participants (and their accompanying friends and family) on events for which only a limited number of places are available. Further information on events and excursions will be available on our website from March-June. If you have any queries regarding any of the events or excursions please contact the SMRS.